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No one should ever face a moving horror like we did.  The pain, stress and additional expenses Move Seniors Lovingly inflicted on us — everything from having to repair and replace broken and damaged furnishings, to staying at a hotel because the company hid our possessions and would not let us have access to them, to having to pay a bill padded by thousands of dollars over the quote, to being constantly threatened that our valuable possessions would be disposed of if we did not do this or that, and then having to hire a lawyer for thousands more just to get our things back — made Move Seniors Lovingly truly the moving company from hell.


It is a disgrace that a company like Move Seniors Lovingly is allowed to target, then prey on, seniors whom they know are more vulnerable to being exploited. We’re determined to prevent that from happening again to anyone else.


Let us know about your experience with this company. If you’re in the media, think about covering this nightmare so others can be warned. If you are a competitor in the moving business, take a stand to rid your industry of bad actors like Move Seniors Lovingly.


Let’s all work together to move Move Seniors Lovingly out of business before they harm anyone else.


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