Consumer Red Flag Alert: Move Seniors Lovingly Inc.

Don’t let this company anywhere near you, your home or your possessions. And absolutely steer clear if you are a senior.

Gouged furniture, shattered family heirlooms, sofa table and dining table so badly damaged they require complete refinishing. Mattresses stained with soot and unusable. A sofa stained with soot and a ripped cushion. A shakedown involving thousands of dollars in extra charges which were never agreed to, with the company threatening to call the police to force us to pay. And that’s just the beginning.

Welcome to Move Seniors Lovingly.

The moving company from hell.

Here is just a small sampling of furnishings and valuable possessions that were ruined, damaged and broken by Move Seniors Lovingly.

Our custom-made damask sofa smeared with some soot-like substance. Impossible to properly clean. If that weren’t enough, Move Seniors Lovingly ripped a cushion.  Complete, and very expensive, recovering required.


All our mattresses were stained with some kind of soot-like substance.  They all had to be replaced.


More soot. Another ruined mattress.

Antique Raymond sewing machine cabinet, circa late 1800s, broken apart, knocked out of alignment and scraped. When they placed this family heirloom in storage, they did nothing to protect it.

Antique cabinet and tables scraped and gouged. Didn’t happen with 100 years of family use. Happened in one day at the hands of Move Seniors Lovingly.


Bevelled glass leg to glass and brass coffee table chipped and gouged at bottom.  Will require entire new glass panel, which we are told will be “very expensive” to do.


Our highly polished Henredon dining table, seen here before Move Seniors Lovingly got their hands on it. 

They left it with more than 80 deep gouges, scrapes and abrasions on the top, sides and legs. They did the same with a lovely matching sofa table that will have to be completely refinished — at a very steep price.

An original water colour, called the Chimneys of Forest Hill. It was an anniversary present to my parents many years ago. I was devastated to see it shattered into pieces.  Shards of glass damaged the actual painting and ruined the matting. One of  so many precious things broken, shattered or ruined by Move Seniors Lovingly.

My late mother gave me this vase 40 years ago. It was very precious to me. I wrapped it up with great love, care and protection. It was not enough to save it from the wrecking crew at Move Seniors Lovingly.

We’ve had this antique electric fireplace in our family since the early 1900s. It worked perfectly for all those years, until…

Move Seniors Lovingly shattered it and broke it beyond repair.

Our rosewood bookcase/bar before Move Seniors Lovingly got near it.

They cracked and broke the drop-down door. It can’t be closed or extended.  Deep gouges and scratces mar the whole unit. The drawer is knocked out of alignment and will not close. They broke the lock.  Major repairs needed.



An entire bedroom suite completely ruined by deep gouges, scrapes and strange blotches. The mattress was also ruined by soot stains.


Then there was the extortion: threatening to “dispose” of all our possessions in storage if we did not withdraw our complaints about the move. It cost us thousands more to hire a lawyer just to get our goods out of the public storage facility where Move Seniors Lovingly hid them. Only then did we discover just how much more damage they did and how much more expensive it would be to have them repaired and replaced. In total, more than 46 major items of furniture, art and antiques were damaged, broken, bent ouf of shape, or totally ruined after this rampage by Move Seniors Lovingly Inc.